Things You Didn't Know You Could Make with a Veggie Bullet

Things You Didn't Know You Could Make with a Veggie Bullet

Think your Veggie Bullet is just for spiralized veggies? Think again! You can make these 10 things in your Veggie Bullet and then some.

1. Pizza

You read it right. Skip the dough and use Veggie Bullet to construct an awesome cauliflower crust for your next pizza.

2. Spaghetti

Traditional pasta can’t compete with spiralized zucchini, beets and other veggies as “noodles.”

3. More Noodles

In addition to spaghetti, you can make other types of noodles like udon and angel hair by just switching out the blade.

4. Rice

Veggie Bullet takes this staple food to healthier heights by making it out of cauliflower, broccoli and other veggies.

5. Salad

Whatever goes in your favorite salad, Veggie Bullet has you covered with the ability to slice, shred and spiralize in seconds. It can even make the salad dressing with the blender attachment.

6. Fritters

Just gather your ingredients and Veggie Bullet will whip up a fritter batter that can’t be beat.

7. Chips

Stop buying chips and start making them with Veggie Bullet. Try using root veggies for a healthy snacking experience.

8. Fries

Curly? Straight? Thick? Skinny? Whatever your ideal fry is, Veggie Bullet can make lots of them easily with a push of a button.

9. Lasagna

From noodles to sauce, you can make the lasagna of your dreams using just Veggie Bullet.

10. Waffles

Say what?? Yep, that’s right, Veggie Bullet can make waffles. Or at least the batter.

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